Conlon Ancestry

Milton’s father was Joseph MacDonald and Milton’s paternal grandmother was Mary Conlon, the first wife of Robert MacDonald, Jr.  Mary (née Conlon) MacDonald’s great-granddaughter, Catherine, the carrier of the oral tradition, states that Mary, born in Ireland,  was Catholic. Therefore, Mary’s son Joseph was baptized Catholic at Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church in the Phenix section of  West Warwick, Rhode Island.  Website author also found Mary Ann Conlon’s birthplace as Coventry, Rhode Island, but web site author favors the oral tradition carried by Catherine.  Perhaps Mary Conlon was just living in Coventry, R.I. when she met Robert MacDonald, her future husband.  More research needed.

Mary Ann and Robert MacDonald, Jr.  had three children, Joseph (b.4/8/1875-d.3/9/1957), Sadie F. (b.1879-d.1915), and Flora Belle (b.5/24/1877-d.1879).  Milton descends from their first child, Joseph.

Mary Ann (Conlon) MacDonald died in 1897. According to the Peter A. Tefft family tree in,  Mary Conlon’s birthday is 4-23-1857.

More research needed to find our Conlon ancestry.


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