Knight Ancestry

Milton’s mother’s birthname was Annie Farrington Walton.  Annie’s father was Lewis A. Walton, who married Eunice N. Kenyon.  Lewis’s father was Pelag A. Walton, who married Jane E. Leach.  Pelag’s father was Thomas Walton, who married Delilah Knight who was born in 1794 in Rhode Island.

More research needed to find our Knight ancestry.



  • One final note or request concerning this Knight Ancestry page.  MacDonalds, Kenyons, Nichols, Waltons, Knights, Leaches, Farringtons, Mc Mullens, and Conlons, if you have any additional information and/or correction on Milton Earl MacDonald’s Knight ancestry, please add a comment to this web site and the web site author/editor will add this to the site.  Thanks!


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