Walton Ancestry

Milton Earl MacDonald’s WALTON ancestry:

Milton’s mother’s name was Annie F. Walton. She was born in 1887 in Hope, Rhode Island.  Her father, Lewis A. Walton, was born in 1862 in Rhode Island.  Lewis’ father, Peleg A. Walton, was born in Rhode Island in 1826.  Peleg’s father was Thomas Walton who was born in 1773 and he,also, was born in Rhode Island.



Milton’s direct Walton ancestry line


Milton’s great-grandfather, Peleg A. Walton


Oral tradition has the Walton family living on the large Walton farm in Cranston. Their large house and farm was on one side of 7 Mile Road. (Fiskeville’s Main Street forms the border between Cranston and Scituate.) Peleg donated the land for the Fiskeville Baptist Church. This is the same church where Milton was baptised in 1931.  Oral tradional also has the Walton family donating the land for the village cemetery (Scituate 83 or SC83).  This is a large public cemetery which is located to the north of the smaller Walton family cemetery. Descendants are now doing more research to find the papers that can substantiate this.  One of the MacDonald descendants remembers as a child going to the large house on 7 Mile Road and visiting and actually staying there for a while. When the child was around age seven, the Walton family moved from Cranston to Hope.


Milton’s wife, Audrey, loved doing genealogical research.  The following ancestry line is traced through Milton’s mother’s father’s line.


The Walton Ancestry, Audrey MacDonald’s research

Audrey’s above writing has Thomas in the seventh generation, Peleg is the eighth generation, Lewis is the ninth, Annie is the tenth and Milton is the eleventh generation. According to Audrey’s other family generation numbers, the generation number refers to the generation in the “New World” (aka America). More research is needed to find the names of the first six Walton generations.



Moves to California

Milton descends from Peleg’s second son Lewis, but Audrey, also, mentions Lewis’ older brother, George. Apparently, Peleg Walton’s first son, George, moved to California, and oral tradition has this Walton ancestor returning to Rhode Island for a visit.  He brought with him the “tallest son(s) that Hope/Scituate had ever seen.”


Could one of these sons be the ancestor of Bill Walton, the famous basketball player who “achieved superstardom playing for John Wooden’s powerhouse UCLA Bruins in the early ’70s?”

Milton’s wife,  Audrey, loves a good story. Hoping that Milton and Bill Walton, the famous basketball player, descends from the same ancestors, Audrey, in the 1970s, tried to research Bill Walton’s genealogy. Her research results are:



George Walton’s descendants, AudreyMae’s SmithCorona Typerwriter

She has a question mark next to a Billy (above research paper) who was born in 1951. The internet has Bill Walton’s birth name as William Theodore Walton III and his date of birth as 11-5-1952, but this is still an interesting story.

In January of 1980 this web site author wrote to Bill Walton using the address of the San Diego Clippers Basketball Club, Inc., and asked if he could help with my Walton genealogical research.  Although I tried twice to contact him by mail, he never responded to my mail.  :-(  Perhaps now that he is older, he would respond. :-)  Hopefully, one of the Walton-MacDonald descendants would undertake this endeavor. Does Milton actually share the same ancestry line as Bill Walton, the former famous basketball player who “won two high school championships (1969 and 1970), two NCAA crowns at UCLA (1972 and 1973) and two NBA titles (with the 1977 Portland Trail Blazers and 1986 Boston Celtics”)?  More research is needed.


Milton’s second son, Douglas, added more information to the following list of names and birthdate of our relatives. Milton’s older sister, Gladys, was often interviewed by Douglas and she gave the list to Douglas who was researching the MacDonald-Walton ancestry.  Since Milton’s maternal grandmother Kenyon married a Walton, both names are included below with Douglas’s comments.



Aunt Gladys’ List of Kenyons, Nichols & Waltons



Peleg A. Walton , Milton’s great-grandfather Walton was the first Walton to be buried in the Walton historical Cemetery in Hope, Rhode Island.  Following is a list of the descendants of Thomas (b. 1773 in Rhode Island) and  Delilah (Knight) Walton.  Milton’s niece, Catherine, was in possesssion of this list and has written additional information on the Walton family descendants.





Peleg Walton 1826-1900, grandfather of Annie Walton MacDonald




Descendants of Thomas Walton


Descendants of Thomas Walton, page 2

From the above Walton Ancestry, we can clearly see that Milton descends from (1st) Thomas, (2nd) Peleg, (3rd) Lewis, and (4th) Annie.  Milton is Joseph’s and Annie’s fifth child.


One final note or request before finishing the Walton ancestry page.  Waltons, MacDonalds, Kenyons, Nichols,  Knights, Leaches, Farringtons, Mc Mullens, and Conlons, if you have any additional information and/or correction on Milton Earl MacDonald’s Walton ancestry, please add a comment to this web site and the web site author/editor will add this to the site.  Thanks!   (Contact Us-on upper right side of page)


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