Musical Career

Milton Earl played the Hawaiian guitar and he was a member of the Providence Hawaiian Orchestra. He participated in the National Contests For Fretted Instrument Orchestras in 1939.


Certificate of Participation, The American Guild


Milton Earl’s picture appeared with his group on the front page of the July-August 1940 edition of the Fretted Instrument News, an independent Bi-monthly magazine devoted to the Advancement and culture of the Romantic Instruments (Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar).



Milton Earl standing center with group in a musical comedy


Milton Earl was in the Hawaaiian Troupe in a musical program in 1939, in the Hawaiian Orchestra in another musical program in 1940 and in the Hawaiian Orchestra in a musical comedy in 1940.



Hawaiian Troupe,1939 Program,The Plectral Society


Hawaiian Troupe,1939 Program,The Plectral Society


Hawaiian Orchestra,1940 Program,The Plectral Society


Hawaiian Orchestra,1940 Program,The Plectral Society


Hawaiian Orchestra,1940 Musical Comedy “Oh,Baby!”


Hawaiian Orchestra,1940 Musical Comedy “Oh,Baby!”


Receipt saved from a 1940 purchase of a Rickenbacker Electric Hawaiian Outfit:


1940 Receipt from Place Music Company, Providence, R.I.



In addition to rehearsals and performances, Milton also taught guitar as a way of making additional income.

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Solos on the Electric Guitar

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