Family of Origin

Milton’s father as a child:


Joseph R. MacDonald


Milton’s parents wedding photos:



Joseph R. MacDonald


Annie (née Walton) MacDonald









Annie Farrington (née Walton) MacDonald was born on Saturday, December 3, 1887. Joseph R. MacDonald was born April 8, 1875.  Their marriage is recorded in the Massachusetts Marriage Records, 1840-1915  in the city of Attleborough. The residence of each at time of marriage was Joseph in Providence and Annie in Cranston. The occupation of Joseph at time of wedding was police officer. The maiden name of Joseph’s mother is erroneous recorded as Mary Connelly, but her maiden name is actually Mary Conlon. (This erroneous spelling of her last name appears over and over in genealogical records). Joseph descends from the MacDonalds, the Conlons, and the MacMullens.  Annie descends from the Waltons, the Kenyons, the Nichols, and the Leach family. Joseph died March 9, 1957 and Annie died January 22, 1959.

As a young man, Joseph was thought to be the brightest person in the county. He attended Mowry and Goff, a preparatory school for Brown University. The English and  Classical School, more popularly and affectionately known as Mowry & Goff, was termed “the brightest spot in Rhode Island’s history of education.” The school “attained a rank second to no similar institution in this country.”

Annie Walton, a pretty, tall woman, was twelve years younger than Joseph.  She also came from a good family, a family that had enough land to donate land to the village of Hope in the town of Scituate for the public cemetery. Oral tradition also has the Walton’s donating the land for the building of the Tabernacle Baptist Church, Fiskeville, Rhode Island.



A 1953 photo of Milton’s parents and a photo of the children in ascending order:




Milton’s parents, Annie and Joseph MacDonald – 1953


Milton and his family of origin, left to right, oldest to youngest


Milton’s eldest sister,  Clarissa Pearl MacDonald:


Clarissa Pearl MacDonald

Clarissa Pearl MacDonald, Annie and Joseph’s first child, was born on Sunday, July 31, 1904.  To the family’s great and lasting sorrow, Clarissa (“Pearl”) died at a young age, shortly after this picture was taken.




Clarissa Pearl’s birth registration, Attleborough, Massachusetts


Clarissa Pearl’s death, Providence, Rhode Island

According to above birth registration, Clarissa Pearl’s parents were living in Attleborough, Massachusetts when Clarissa was born in Attleborough, and her father’s occupation was jeweler. Clarissa’s mother, Annie, was born in Cranston.   Other sources have Annie born in Fiskeville which is a small village in the south west corner of  Cranston. Joseph was born in Hope, R.I.

Why is the family living in Attleborough, Massachusetts?

One of Milton’s nieces knew her grandmother Annie had relatives living in Attleborough at that time.  Perhaps that is the reason Annie and Joseph were living there.  Annie’s relatives appear to be well off or, at least, land owners.  Annie and Joseph were both from the Hope area of Rhode Island area and they returned there to raise their children.


Milton’s eldest brother, Donald:


Milton and his eldest brother, Donald, at sister Gladys’ house, around 1970


Milton, the last son born, held Donald, the first born son, in esteem. From Audrey’s Memoirs “Glimpses of the Past: Morning Conversation with Audrey” on August 7, 2002, Audrey said “Dad’s oldest brother Donald was great! Your Dad always loved his oldest brother Donald the best. Donald was always good to Dad – when Dad was a kid and all Dad’s life.” Apparently, whenever Dad would need help, Donald would always show up.  Audrey also mentioned that when Milton was hospitalized in the 1960s and was very ill, Donald gave money. Milton never mentioned to his children about his favoritism for his eldest brother as he was a quiet man and he especially never talked about other people.




Milton’s letter to Donald, 8-12-1926


Milton’s letter to Donald, 8-12-1926 (pg2)


Milton’s letter to Donald, 8-12-1926 (pg3)



Milton’s letter to Donald, 8-24-1926


Milton’s letter to Donald, 8-24-1926 (pg2)





Milton’s older brother, Robert:

(When, and if, a photo of Milton and his brother Robert becomes available to this web site author, the photo will be added here.)





Wedding Announcement – Robert and Gladys Lovell


Milton’s older sister, Gladys:


Milton and his sister Gladys — May 1993









Milton’s older sister, Gladys, and her daughter, Catherine









Milton’s older brother, Stuart:

(When, and if, a photo of Milton and his brother Stuart becomes available to this web site author, the photo will be added here.)






Stuart’s and Marjorie’s 60th Wedding Anniversary











 Milton, the youngest son:

(When, and if, an infant or childhood photo of Milton becomes available to this web site author, the photo will be added here.)



Milton’s younger sister, Ruth:

(When, and if, a photo of Milton and his sister Ruth becomes available to this web site author, the photo will be added here.)







Knighting in Shreveport, La., 1989, Ruth reading vows to lady from Texas








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