More Research Needed


  • More research needed on Milton’s ancestry is illustrated by the following:



Milton’s Line, research by Audrey

Audrey, Milton’s wife of sixty years, often worked on Milton’s genealogy. Unlike the other work by Audrey Mae, the web site author does not understand this research paper. Whose line was Audrey Mae working on?  Was it Milton’s mother’s or father’s line?  Audrey is no longer here to explain it to me, and therefore, I enter it here in hopes that another MacDonald descendant can explain this ancestry line to me, the web site author. Once I have an explanation of which family line the above page 72 is referring to, I will then include this family line above in one of the sections. Or perhaps, this is a new family line that I have not mentioned in the above.  With the females dropping their last names, their ancestry is often forgotten. Today we realize that keeping the females’ birth names current are as valuable as the male names.


  • Who are the Farringtons?  Why is Milton’s mother’s birthname Annie Farrington Walton?


  • More information on this Robert and Mary McDonald:


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